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13-15" Tires start at $30ea  16" Tires start at $35ea 
 17" Tires start at $40ea   18" and above $50ea

(Some Installations Available)

All tires starting price is the same based on your size category. You pick the best tires in your size and pay the same starting price for each. Tires with the most remaining tread life, 75% or more are $5 more than starting prices for your size category. The most you will pay for any condition tire is only $5 over it's starting price, tread depth doesn't matter. Tire tread depths range from 50% to 95%. Most tires have 65% tread life or better.  We stock most sizes and brands and restock tires weekly.

All tires are "takeoffs", meaning they've been taken off a car fairly recently. In most cases, the previous owner purchased new tires and traded the used ones. Used Tires R Us carefully inspects each tire before selling. All tires are air tested and guaranteed. We guarantee all tires: 1. Hold air 2. Have no bulges or sidewall defects. Before offering each tire for sale, we actually mount the tire on a rim and inflate with 45PSI of air for testing. We carefully inspect the tire for any sidewall bulges or any other potential tire defects.The tire is then submerged in a  tank of water to check for air leaks. After careful inspection, we then determine the quality of the tire to make sure it passes the two requirements before giving our final approval for sale.If any tire purchased: 1. Does not hold air or 2. Has Any bulges, a replacement tire or a full refund  will be issued for each defected tire.Used Tires R Us does not guarantee how the tire wore on the car it was removed from. These are used tires and not new, these tires will not perform like new tires and it should be understood that you are purchasing by your own will and understand that you are buying at your own risk.

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