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Warranty Policy

Our team carefully inspects each tire we sell. We guarantee all tires. We guarantee that any tire or tires purchased through UsedtiresRus will hold air, and are free of any bulges or sidewall defects. If any tire purchased will not hold air or has any bulges or sidewall defects, you will receive a replacement tire or a full refund will be issued for each defected tire. We have up to 7 days to find a replacement tire(s) and ship free of charge. If we cannot find a replacement tire, a full refund we be issued for all defected tires.

The purchaser has 3 days from receipt of order to install tires. there is no guarantee on tires installed after 3 days. All claims must be made within 2-days after installation date. Claims and returns can be sent to: or contact us at the address below.

We do not guarantee any tire(s) beyond any time periods listed in this warranty.

All tires are air tested for defects before shipping. Defects can sometimes be overlooked by our staff and are usually not discovered until installation. Our guarantee covers all defects related to sidewall damage including any bulges and/or the tires ability to hold air.

Some tires may have previously been patched. If required, the tire will be repaired before shipment. We make sure that all plugs and patches are professionally installed and all repairs are made within a safe area on each tire.

We do not guarantee how the tire wore on the car it was removed from. These are used tires and not new, these tires will not perform like new tires and it should be understood that you are purchasing by your own will and understand that you are buying at your own risk.

Damage Claims

If your shipment has arrived with undisclosed damages or you have received an incorrect item, please contact us.

We will ship a replacement free of charge.

1. Contact us: 612-356-3966 Monday through Friday 12 AM - 5:30 PM

2. Provide email for return label.

3. Return item(s) to our warehouse:

Attention: Returns


2801 East Hennepin Avenue Bldg-G

Minneapolis, Minnesota 55413

Your comments are important. Please tell us why you are returning the tires.

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