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Customer Reviews

"I did my home work and Ron is a stand up guy and the four tires I bought did last almost 2 years like he said they should. I sold my car and the tires would've went about 30K miles. I had a 2004 Cadillac DTS and the tires had 7/32nds for a great price. I currently have a newer Cadillac but would recommend this place to friends and family, and in three years when I need newer tires I know who I will be calling".


"Great customer service. Locally owned, absolutely honest and friendly owner, Ron. Lowest prices in metro area- believe me- I called everywhere! Helpful over the phone and in the store! Even loaded up my tires into my car! I'm impressed by quality, price. And the customer service was wonderful!! Will send family and friends to Used Tires Are Us for sure.

Oh, and my tires were almost new! And under $50 each! I called ahead, and Ron/staff had tires pulled out for me (ranging tread from 7/32-9/32 and priced from $40-$50) Prepared for when I got there! I will send all my business Ron's way. Fast and friendly, with great prices for gently used tires!"


"Awesome tire place. Ron is a real personable and professional guy. He doesn't mount tires so prepare to have them sent to shop nearby to be mounted. Good prices. Know what you are buying and inspect the tire yourself."


"Awesome experince here the owner was so helpful and helped me get what I needed right way thank you so much"


"Owner (Ron) extraordinary service. Appreciate it!"


"Friendly customer service great selection of quality used tires I've bought tires for my truck before winter and recently my girlfriend's car"


"Great over the phone with questions, friendly and helpful in the store!"


"Decent price on tires! Great fast service! Friendly man who owns it!"


"Awesome customer service."


"He was very good at communicating with us too .very nice man "


"Ron is amazing, great guy very informative!"


"Super good service and Ron is just a nice guy. He's got deals."


"Ron's a great guy. very friendly. I would recommend him to friends. he's not a garage tho, so bring in your tire not on the car. prompt service with a smile. that's what we all like."


"Love this place!"


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